Interactive Characters

How to create compelling characters for themed entertainment.

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Yes, and…

 ‘Yes, and…’ is a very powerful tool. One of the foundations of Improv, it is critical to creating an exceptional interactive character. ‘Yes, and…’ means to accept, then build on, each offer you get from a scene partner. Humans are communicating all the time. 93% of it is non-verbal. So the offer could be aContinue reading “Yes, and…”

Consistency Isn’t Everything

                  Consistency in Character:                   Most living beings can and will do the most unbelievable things. And, to their way of looking at it, they do it with good reason.                   It follows that any character is liable to do anything.                   Of course, in the operational environments we work in, the performer must beContinue reading “Consistency Isn’t Everything”

Freedom In The Basics

To help me get to know a performer, I’ll often ask them to describe what their character is fighting for. I won’t tell you how many times I then see that look of terror in their eyes. They hem and haw. They answer with a question, hoping that they got it right. They think it’sContinue reading “Freedom In The Basics”

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