Interactive Characters

Creating Compelling Characters For Immersive Environments

Where Is All This Leading?

                  Our work is all about characters and connections.                              I want you to be able to create a well-crafted, multi-faceted character. It can be out of an established intellectual property or an original concept. A character rich with relatable goals and values. One that visitors are emotionally attracted to. One that people will identifyContinue reading “Where Is All This Leading?”

Everything Comes From The Visitor

                  I am a huge fan of smart bits, ingenious business and classic shtick. Love ‘em.                   However, they will hold you back as an interactive character.                   Bits, by their very nature, are pre-planned. They’re something that’s been thought out, rehearsed and then repeated.                   Think about a time in your life when someoneContinue reading “Everything Comes From The Visitor”

Yes, and…

 ‘Yes, and…’ is a very powerful tool. One of the foundations of Improv, it is critical to creating an exceptional interactive character. ‘Yes, and…’ means to accept, then build on, each offer you get from a scene partner. Humans are communicating all the time. 93% of it is non-verbal. So the offer could be aContinue reading “Yes, and…”

Consistency Isn’t Everything

                  Consistency in Character:                   Most living beings can and will do the most unbelievable things. And, to their way of looking at it, they do it with good reason.                   It follows that any character is liable to do anything.                   Of course, in the operational environments we work in, the performer must beContinue reading “Consistency Isn’t Everything”

Detective Work

You’ve been cast as an interactive character. Your job is to give life to an idea that was created by someone else. You have to prepare for training and rehearsals. How do you get ready? Step one: dig. Be a detective and find every fact you can about the character and the world they areContinue reading “Detective Work”

Paradigm Shift

Simply put, paradigms are the way you perceive things. A paradigm shift is a change in the way you look at things. In this work, it is the first critical step you must take to become an extraordinary interactive character. When you get a hired to perform – your perception is, naturally, that you areContinue reading “Paradigm Shift”

This is a great time to learn to create interactive characters!

Now is an important time to learn how to create and perform as an interactive character. All around the world, theme parks are re-opening as restrictions are changing. As the parks open to increasing capacity, the hours will expand. Parks will need more characters to cover the entertainment demand. That means finding more and moreContinue reading “This is a great time to learn to create interactive characters!”


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