Eliminate Reasons To Hold Back

Here’s a quick thought about what we do and the creative process.

Sure, in our work we have to “color inside the lines”. That’s part of the whole process. We are part of teams that help us prepare performances and evaluate what happens in rehearsals.

The final product belongs to many contributors.

Still, I run into performers holding back in an effort to protect themselves. They stay safe – at the expense of making the character one-sided and dropping wonderful opportunities in their interactions. Part of that lack of confidence is from a generalized, vague idea of the character’s drives and desires.

So, when you get a character to work on, do the work to understand the circumstances and The Why.

Look at it this way – Circumstances and Why are the guardrails that keep you on the road. Inside the rails, you can do doughnuts, race in your own lane, pass the slow guys, cross over the lines, drive in reverse, do e-brake turns, drift – exciting stuff and justified in the moment. Let those rails give you the confidence to use all the road available to you.

Don’t cheat yourself. Set yourself up to grow your creativity.

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