Connections and Interactions Create Relationships

There are two kinds of performers in a theme park. Those who entertain and those who connect and interact. Two separate approaches to the work. Each one has it’s place – when applied in the right situation.

I’m writing about working inside an immersive environment, one on one, with a visitor. Immersion in the story environment changes the whole gig. It requires an inclusive approach. Performers who make quick connections and interact are the ones who succeed at an extraordinary level.

Look at it this way. We all know that person who is always ‘ON.’ They are forever working the comedy or the drama or the bits they do in their lives. They might get laughs. They may get hugs and sympathy. They can be entertaining. Still, you know it’s all about them. You could be anyone. Their act would be the same.

Imagine how being with that person makes you feel. Important? Special? Unique? Appreciated? Valued? Nope.

Now think of another friend who watches and listens to you. The one who can read your body language as well as take in your words. They put you at ease right away. You know they won’t make you do anything. Somehow, they ask just the right question. They say just the right thing at the just right time. That is the friend who connects with something important inside you. Your time together isn’t planned out. It can be funny or sentimental or anything – because that friend is focused on sharing that single, unique moment with you.

Imagine how the time spent with that person feels. It’s good, isn’t it? You feel seen and valued. They understand you. They share something with you. You have an effect on them, too. You both participate in the give and take. It’s exciting and uplifting. The time with them is special. It’s something to be cherished. You can’t wait to be with them again.

Now imagine being seen and valued in that fashion – by a character you love.  You’ve got a relationship with them. The energy flows back and forth between you. You become part of their story. You are part of their world. You have a place. You have power. You’re not an observer – you are a participant; genuinely immersed the adventure. And it feels awesome!

That’s the reason to focus on making authentic connections. Those connections turn into genuine interactions. Interactions create real relationships. Relationships feel awesome.

Next up – How To Make Connections.

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