The Why Part Three – Why Am I Asking Why?

Get the answer to The Why question and you will have the goal that your character is driven to accomplish. You will have Why your character is in this place, at this time. And Why the character does what they’re doing right now, at this very moment.

You’ve got the heart of the character as well as a guide to the things they’re willing to do to win their heart’s desire.

The Why won’t change.

What will change is what your character does to win the most important thing in their life. In other words, The Why is the target they always aim at and, with that in focus, the character is free to shift tactics to get what they want. The character will behave differently, in different circumstances – but always appropriately because they keep their eye on hitting their target.

The Why opens doors in character building. Pursuing their goal, the character becomes a living, thinking being. Present and thoughtful, fully involved in their world, they respond appropriately to what comes at them. They focus and probe to uncover how to connect with each visitor. They create genuine, unique interactions. They build relationships.

They act just like real people.

As a side note – working this way may seem too intellectual. But, as you put thought into The Why, you will find yourself asking:

“What is most important thing that I would do if this happened to me?”  “What do I want to achieve when I hear a certain name?” “What would I do with this opportunity or this problem or this success?”  “What would I value in this interaction?” ”What would I be driven to go after in this situation?”

Your mind will connect moments from your own life to the Why answers that you uncover. Your own emotions link with the desires and drives of the character. You become uniquely bonded with a character from a work of fiction!

You identify with this character – not in your head, but in your heart.

Next: Be Wary Of The Feels. Instead, Take Action.

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