What’s Creating Interactive Characters?

I love the creativity in being an interactive performer. I am passionate about the craft (and discipline) it takes to do what we do.

The Interactive Characters blog is the result of wanting to share what I’ve learned in decades of working in immersive venues. Theme parks, conventions, trade shows, festivals, faires; you name it, I’ve been in it or I’ve directed it.

This is all from first hand experience. 

The work is a mix of many performance disciplines. Acting, Improv, Movement, Voice, of course. We also borrow ideas and skills from creative writers, magicians, cold readers, negotiators, politicians and more! If something helps you stay true to character, connect fully and communicate quickly with someone new, it’s going in the tool kit.

The skills and ideas I’m going to write about are great for writers, directors and trainers, too.

Anyone who wants to produce, design or rehearse immersive entertainments at an exceptional level will find ways to get your creativity charged up and ready for anything.

I’ll share with you what gets a character ignored.

I’ll show you how to make a character soar.

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