This is a great time to learn to create interactive characters!

Now is an important time to learn how to create and perform as an interactive character.

All around the world, theme parks are re-opening as restrictions are changing. As the parks open to increasing capacity, the hours will expand. Parks will need more characters to cover the entertainment demand. That means finding more and more well-trained people to fill all the performer positions. A hiring rush will probably happen soon.

Use this time.

Learn now to excel in making connections and filling out characters. Don’t let this opportunity go by.

A gig in a theme park is really nice to have. It is an opportunity to practice your craft in front of a live audience. It puts you in a community of creative, like-minded people. You get paid to do what you love to do. It can be a great day-job while you work on your larger entertainment career.

Even if you’re not going to work as an interactive performer, now is a key time to get these skills.

Operators and designers make a strong connection with this material and it will certainly come into play. As more park entertainment comes on line, operators will be looking to drive greater attendance with existing attractions. New entertainment will need to start strong and grow quickly to survive. Discover ways to deepen the effect of the worlds and characters you create.

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